Gente conocida por Pellicer

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come in ladies and gentlemen, come in...

turn the pages in this publication that you may find yourselves with "Famous People". No loud guffaws, no exaggerated cheers. A smile, nothing more.

You have twelve caricatures drawn by a pencil, which, as shown on the cover, wears a white glove. So, no absurd caricatures with deformations; no cruel exaggerations of physical defects, no swelling of prominent characteristics. That uncompromising caricature of Mecachis and Luque has gone away. At times they were rude caricatures that spoke to us only about the ugliness of the individual, because their sole purpose was drawing everyone ugly. From there comes the false opinion that exists about the caricature, which is that only ugly people have a caricature; when in reality that is not so.

The caricature at present is influenced by the seeds of the Frenchmen Sem y Sacha Guitri, the Italian Capiela, of the Spaniards Sancha y el gran Bagaría, of the Cubanos Blanceo and Messenger, the Argentino [sic] Pelele, etc., etc. Now, the true caracaturist not only examines the face of "the victim", but "searches the body", since it can happen that the expression reveals to him nothing, and so, instead, the physique becomes the point of characteristic that gives him inspiration.

The modern caricaturist describes physical appearance seeking the psychology of the individual to give us a real look at him and not a deformed portrait. He must find the point of characteristic that is the concurrance of the physical appearance with the inner workings of the individual. This point may reside in one's very physiognomy. Perhaps it is in the eyes, in the lips, it can come from something vague, from something not expressly obvious; it is detected in a familiar pose as we listen, it is frozen at the moment of a natural smile, and even be in a particular way of moving.

All individuals have a caricature; the ugly, the reasonable, the attractive. The caricaturist need merely to watch, to see their fundamental pleasures, and he himself can draw him a shabby unemployed drunk as well as a flashy clean-shaven man courting a lady. For a caricaturist the conceited woman in her sixties with too much make up flirting ridiculously is as easy as the young girl pulling the petals from the daisy of her illusions.

Anyhow, let us turn the page.